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Just being Cute in white and yellow!


Happy weekend everyone!

OOTD for today plain white shirt and yellow mustard skirt, yellow shoes and my colorful bag plus rounded vintage style sunnies. I think heat in Texas will not end too soon. I say, I am tired of it already but hey, look at the clothes we can wear in the summer time. Light, simple and nevertheless, cute! So enjoy summer to the fullest!

I hope you enjoy today’s post! Take care and see you next time!



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The Vintage Girl!


Hello my lovely readers! It’s kind of late already but of course I am still awake, pretending I am doing a lot of stuffs, but nah! I am just strolling online, and updating my blog. (Smiled)

The title of my post tonight is “The Vintage Girl!” It’s the look and the dress that I am referring to not me personally, okay? LOL! The dress is a pretty flowery vintage from GAP. When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. And you know me as  I know you too. You will be like, Oh that is so cute, just like I said when I first saw this dress. I wish to take another photos of it though, so you can see the flare when I am standing and it has a mid lining which gives your body a flattering look. I did my hair some braids on the side because I was feeling like it. This is my first time to do my hair like this, and I really love it. It was easy and fun! I hope you guys will have a fun weekend ahead.

See you next time.



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UMHB in dress and wedges



UMHB stands for University of Mary Hardin Baylor. I went there the other day with my darling husband. Actually we were from Austin and decided to drop by at the University just to check it out and have some photos.

My dress is a vintage style midi by Dianne B and my wedges from Candies. It was a lunch out in Austin so I decided to look more girly, with my curly hair down, a flowy dress and cute wedges.

Have a goodnight to all you fabulous people out there. See you on my next post.



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We are Just Having Fun!


Hello my lovely readers! I have a question for you. When was the last time that you had real fun hanging out with your girlfriends just goofing around, acting silly in the camera and doing absolutely nothing in a public place but have fun? A long time ago? Oh man! You should pick up your girlfriends tomorrow and do what I did. LOL!


This is Giana. A good friend’s daughter. I absolutely love her like my own niece. I think she is one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen in my whole life. There is something about her face that is beyond pretty. She is just a sweet, stunning, beautiful girl to me.



Let me introduce to you Chermaine, she is another daughter of a good friend of mine. So we went out to the mall together, and just one of your girlfriends’ perks, trying on cute stuffs and buying little things that are a token of your friendship. She will be posting in my blog from time to time, as I asked her too. Soon. And look at these sunnies! Aren’t they so cute? Hehe….Earthbound store has plenty of little cute stuffs that we fell in love with.



This is mine and Chermaine’s hands. We bought 2 braided bracelets that are of the same design. One for her and one for me. I think simple stuffs like this, make my life even sweeter.

I hope you guys enjoy my post for tonight. See you on my next one!



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Exploring Galveston in Summer Stripes….




Hello my lovely readers, as promised, here are the photos from Galveston.








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Visiting Galveston!


The Galveston Sign as you enter the bridge that connects Houston to the Island of Galveston.


The Tremont House where we stayed.


Exploring the downtown.


Having dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf…


The Galveston Beach….


Hello guys! First, I would like to say I have missed you. I haven’t been able to update my blog the last few days because I had been busy. Yes, but good thing about it though I have some photos for you during our little trip to Galveston for 3 days. I say, I love Galveston! It was my first time to visit the place and I was amazed by so many things that you can see and do in that little island. And it was a shame we only stayed for a short time, not enough to explore everything. But like what my husband said, we had to leave some stuffs undone and unseen for the next time. 🙂

Some more photos on my next post. Enjoy!



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Celebrating the 4th of July (Your Own Way)….


Hello there again fab people! Tonight’s post is my dedication to America’s celebration of the 4th of July. At work, they kept asking me, how long have I been in the country and if I love it here….And there is only one thing I say all the time, heck yeah, I love the United States of America! You will ask me why, first and foremost, my husband is American and since I love everything about him, who and what he is, the very reason I should love America as well. Second, I don’t feel being an alien in the country. Not at all. It’s my second home. A home away from home. I remember I said to my husband, the place we are living in right now, it’s beginning to be like the place where I grew up in the Philippines. Everything is becoming more familiar each and everyday. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful and it’s like everyone knows everybody. And like what I have already said before, I am grateful to the country in general for the wonderful things I enjoy here, I would say it again, thank you America.

These pictures were taken in Salado Creek, Salado, Texas.

My outfit, Patriot top by fang, skirt from Rainbow (local store), lace up boots by Violet (local store), American Patriot Heart Shades from Amazon, Purse from Wetseal.

I hope you guys enjoy your 4th of July celebration.



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Let’s mail some stuffs….


Hi, I am finally back to my outfit post after a few days that I wasn’t able to post any.  This is an outfit to the post office today and while out and about with my husband. I really don’t know how to call this outfit to tell you the truth. Haha. I noticed I am like this all the time, I just throw on different colors and when I am happy about it I don’t care what goes with what or what doesn’t. I guess because I am a happy person all the time. Yeah, that explains it. “ME being a happy person has a lot to do with my FASHION! ” I want plenty of colors, and I want cute stuffs. Don’t you think my summer bag is so cute?

I hope you enjoy this little post. See you next time.


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Do you buy the shoes because they are……?

Do you buy the shoes because they are......?

Cute, edgy, unique, sexy, fashionable, stylish? I noticed, whenever I buy one, I failed to consider now if they are comfortable. I just realized they are not whenever I get home and I couldn’t even walk on them. Tsk! Fashion has certainly taught us so many things to look better, but wearing the most comfortable shoes are sometimes neglected. These shoes are a classic example. Yes, they are so cute, stylish and edgy, but they are not made for walking. True, I am a fashionista, but I am not a fashion model, I don’t buy shoes just to wear them once for a photo shoot. So for these babies, I have to think what to do with them 🙂

Have a goodnight fabulous! See you around….



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Playing with your photos…..

Playing with your photos.....

Hi. Howdy? I hope you guys are doing good. While sitting in the couch watching NBA, getting bored during the half-time report, lol, I am also playing with my photos using PS express. I thought things like this that we are able to download from our iPads, iPhones and the likes are cool. When I see photos from my friends posted on facebook using this kind of app from their gadgets, I just smiled but dont really wanna try it. I guess it’s advantageous to be bored sometimes because then you would think of something to entertain you and this thing in ps express did the trick on me 🙂

My outfit, top from sneakpeeq (free), ann Taylor purse, shorts DIY, Fedora from Payless and jelly shoes from amazon.

I hope you guys have a goodnight. Enjoy the game and goodluck to whichever team wins in the finals.


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