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She’s a Lady!


Hi there!

I just had my residence card renewed and although I could have gone at the application support center in pants, simple top and maybe flat shoes I still opted to wear something dressy.  I just got this cute dress from overseas, I couldn’t wait to wear it so I said, I would wear it during my renewal of my residence card and I did. I hope you like it!

Have a goodnight and remember, always feel and be fabulous!



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Fun Monday!


Hello fashionistas! This is an ordinary Monday which turned out to be a one fun Monday! I was taking photos of the clothes I sell on Threadflip, and I decided I will take photos for my blog too. And this is the end result. Hehe.

I hope you enjoy your Monday lovelies! See you later guys! Muah!



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Just being Cute in white and yellow!


Happy weekend everyone!

OOTD for today plain white shirt and yellow mustard skirt, yellow shoes and my colorful bag plus rounded vintage style sunnies. I think heat in Texas will not end too soon. I say, I am tired of it already but hey, look at the clothes we can wear in the summer time. Light, simple and nevertheless, cute! So enjoy summer to the fullest!

I hope you enjoy today’s post! Take care and see you next time!



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UMHB in dress and wedges



UMHB stands for University of Mary Hardin Baylor. I went there the other day with my darling husband. Actually we were from Austin and decided to drop by at the University just to check it out and have some photos.

My dress is a vintage style midi by Dianne B and my wedges from Candies. It was a lunch out in Austin so I decided to look more girly, with my curly hair down, a flowy dress and cute wedges.

Have a goodnight to all you fabulous people out there. See you on my next post.



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Visiting Galveston!


The Galveston Sign as you enter the bridge that connects Houston to the Island of Galveston.


The Tremont House where we stayed.


Exploring the downtown.


Having dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf…


The Galveston Beach….


Hello guys! First, I would like to say I have missed you. I haven’t been able to update my blog the last few days because I had been busy. Yes, but good thing about it though I have some photos for you during our little trip to Galveston for 3 days. I say, I love Galveston! It was my first time to visit the place and I was amazed by so many things that you can see and do in that little island. And it was a shame we only stayed for a short time, not enough to explore everything. But like what my husband said, we had to leave some stuffs undone and unseen for the next time. 🙂

Some more photos on my next post. Enjoy!



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I’m Your Sunshine in the Rain…


Hello wonderful and fabulous people of wordpress and my lovely readers, hi to all of you. You know I didn’t mean to be slacking off these past few days but that’s seems to be what happened in my blog 😦 It’s been raining here in Central Texas for 3 days now and everybody seems to be happy though because we needed that rain. Hehe. So I guess it’s okay to abstain from blogging first and enjoy the rain because in the next weeks to come I know it’s going to be unbelievably hot again. BUT, I have some photos for you. And I will be your “sunshine in the rain”. The lively flower in my hair, my colorful skirt just couldn’t get gloomy even if it’s raining. Instead, it’s telling you to smile 🙂 My husband was asking me, what’s up with the flower? It might grow in your hair when it gets wet. ..hehe..You know he was just kidding, right? I said, it’s okay. So when we go inside the restaurant, in this gloomy, rainy day, people have something to smile about when they see the flower in my hair. And so he said, now I like that, my sunshine in the rain. Hehe!

Have a goodnight fabulous! And don’t get wet when it’s raining there…


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Just An Ordinary Day!


Hey you! I just wanted to say hi because for a few days now I have missed you. Yes, you!

Summer is fun and colorful….well, it’s hot but still it’s fun and colorful.

Outfit, shift dress received as a gift, flat sandals from moddeals, purse (thrifted), sunglasses from Amazon, Michael Kors Watch, ring from eBay.

I hope you guys are having a fun, colorful summer!



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Tuesday is Hot!


Hello there fabulous people! Tell you what, no one missed you more than I do. It feels like I have been off wordpress for awhile and I couldn’t wait to write or post something. LOL! Now, finally, with the blazing heat in Texas, after work I am able to spend time with my husband who has been busy too for awhile, went out for dinner at a seafood restaurant named “Planks”. As we all know a peplum style outfit has been going on for quite some time and yet this is my first time to wear one of its kind. I had a peplum top before but I decided to sell it away on eBay because I realized I didn’t look good on a peplum top since it made me look thick. But the peplum skirt, I see it gives shape to my body because I have a smaller hip so it creates a bigger and sexier hipline which I hope I am right with my own assessment. Well, my husband was so pleased looking at the outfit and when the husband is pleased,  sometimes, nothing else matters. (Hehe)

I hope you guys have a goodnight. See you next time.


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Let’s mail some stuffs….


Hi, I am finally back to my outfit post after a few days that I wasn’t able to post any.  This is an outfit to the post office today and while out and about with my husband. I really don’t know how to call this outfit to tell you the truth. Haha. I noticed I am like this all the time, I just throw on different colors and when I am happy about it I don’t care what goes with what or what doesn’t. I guess because I am a happy person all the time. Yeah, that explains it. “ME being a happy person has a lot to do with my FASHION! ” I want plenty of colors, and I want cute stuffs. Don’t you think my summer bag is so cute?

I hope you enjoy this little post. See you next time.


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DIY floral cropped dress….

DIY floral cropped dress....

Hello guys. I don’t have any outfit post these past few days but I am trying to keep you updated with what’s going on with me at the moment. At least with some DIY or just any post that I could think of. Is that cool? Yeah, I hope it is. 🙂
This skirt I found at a thriftstore and the floral design is just so adorable to me. But I wanted to make a brand new design out of this one so I decided why not make a cropped dress. I cut it to become an A-line above the knee skirt and made a cropped top out of the extra cloth. I am not done yet though. I think I will have to add straps on the top to make it more comfortable to wear. What do you think? Summer is hot….



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