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The Vintage Girl!


Hello my lovely readers! It’s kind of late already but of course I am still awake, pretending I am doing a lot of stuffs, but nah! I am just strolling online, and updating my blog. (Smiled)

The title of my post tonight is “The Vintage Girl!” It’s the look and the dress that I am referring to not me personally, okay? LOL! The dress is a pretty flowery vintage from GAP. When I first saw it, I fell in love with it. And you know me as  I know you too. You will be like, Oh that is so cute, just like I said when I first saw this dress. I wish to take another photos of it though, so you can see the flare when I am standing and it has a mid lining which gives your body a flattering look. I did my hair some braids on the side because I was feeling like it. This is my first time to do my hair like this, and I really love it. It was easy and fun! I hope you guys will have a fun weekend ahead.

See you next time.



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Vacation Diary – Day 3


Sometimes in my life, I imagined to be a goddess.

I imagined to be in control of the flowers and the nature and its spectacular beauty.

I imagined to be dancing in the wind while the petals are swinging me.

I imagined to be running in the wilderness but I will never be lost because it’s my territory. (Rhea Taylor)


Hello there! Yesterday, the husband and I drove to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It was 2 hours and a half drive from home but when we got there everything was worth it. Didn’t I tell you, I long to see flowers, a lot of flowers like I have just seen them on magazines and TV. This was my wish that come true. LOL! Oh boy, I am not so hard to please I am telling you. I saw the flowers and the trees and I was like rejuvenated. I kept thanking my husband for a wonderful date. And he kept laughing because he saw that I was like a kid in a candy store.





My outfit, Old Navy Denim Vest, Dress (Thrifted), Lace up boots from Violet(local store), Purse from Wetseal, Michael Kors Watch, My headpiece from Claire’s, Sunglasses from Rainbow(local store) and my necklace is DIY.

I hope you enjoyed this post fabulous people. See you on my next one. Muah!


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She’s by the Fence!


Another gorgeous day today. Husband and I ate at one of our favorite fast food restaurants and after lunch, he agreed to take me to the service road where this white fence is. I decided to wear neutral colors today for my dress and even my shoes and to give life to the outfit I used my pink bag again which I used yesterday in my post and a scarf headpiece.



These shoes from JADA I got them when I was still in the Philippines almost 2 years ago. I have kept them like they are my babies. They are so comfortable and edgy and you can just throw a simple dress with it and you are all set!

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Chasing a Train!


We went to eat at Applebees yesterday and the temperature was just so beautiful to wear a lacy tiered dress above the knee.  I felt so bloated after a good lunch so I told my husband we would chase a running train passing by. And we will take pictures of course. LOL!


I told my husband I couldn’t find a new pose when he is the one taking pictures of me. LOL! It’s either I will be holding my hair or the side of my head like a shy teenager whose photo is being taken by her crush. 🙂


I am wearing a summer fossil purse which I got online again, my blazer is thrifted and my dress is a vintage inspired lacy tiered dress I ordered online too, fashion booties from amazon, and Michael Kors Watch.

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